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Peculiar Blue are a four piece Acoustic / Electroacoustic / Indie band that have been performing around the UK and Europe for over 10 years.
Their blend of heart warming and thought provoking love ‘n’ life songs has been insighting audiences around the UK and Europe now for around 10 years.
In that time they have established themselves as one of Yorkshire's front running acoustic trios and gained a loyal and ever extending fan base.
Their music is an avenue to air their own life experiences, and the experiences of friends, family and situations around them.

The band are always willing to think out of the box when producing music and this is very evident on their forthcoming third album release ‘How You Could Leave’ Now available worldwide.
The album is a real eclectic blend of acoustic music, including the use of Paul's extensive acoustic guitar collection, drums, percussion, trumpets, vintage organs, cello and piano with guest performances from some of Yorkshire's finest up and coming musicians.

The album has had some great comments -

“Beautiful South meets Damien Rice, an outstanding collection of heart-warming songs from this Yorkshire duo…”

"Melancholy and sweet yet dark and powerful, a real interesting listen. Songs I can’t get out of my head…”

You can check out some of the songs off the album along with the bands full EP - 'We All Go Down Together' at the band's Soundcloud page:

Peculiar Blue are very active on the live music scene and play scores of gigs each year. They travel far and wide where necessary but mainly play gigs within the Yorkshire region.
Peculiar Blue play a mix of original material and covers but they certainly don’t play run of mill covers, “We dare to play the songs we like rather than the usual songs every one is sick of hearing.” 

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