Sunday, 12 January 2014

A BIT ABOUT THE ARTISTS... Scott Wainwright

SCOTT WAINWRIGHT (Featured on the CD)

Scott Wainwright, Blues mystic, rural songsmith and Folk myth, endlessly blends Gospel, Blues, Hip Hop and Folk song idioms into something both primitive and highly futuristic. 
   All of Scott’s songs have been channelled from some other worldly source or have been found ageing in a barrel buried in the woods. 
  Solo performances find Scott using acoustic guitar, voice, harmonica and foot stomps as a framework for his songs. The occasional instrumental guitar piece often appears in his live sets, making for a varied listening experience.
  Scott has released countless EP's, several singles, two albums and a compilation album of his early solo work. His songs have been played on numerous UK radio stations, several American radio shows and as part of an Art Exhibition in New Zealand.

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